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Men of Men, Inc (MOM) is a community-based group home;
encouraging individual growth, supporting needs, and facilitating a positive transition into adulthood for young men, while living in safe space.

Men of Men, Inc


          Men of Men, Inc is the product of a collaborative partnership between the Division of Milwaukee Child Protective Services and experienced psychiatric professionals, displaying need, empathy, and concern for Wisconsin’s Youth. MOM evolved from a combined effort to share resources across systems to ensure stability, promote education, teach life skill development, support family reintegration, and emphasize personal safety.


           MOM defines a change working relationship between young adults and professionals who are committed to supporting their desired quality of life. Young men will have access to a safe place to learn and practice tools that promotes personal growth. Individuals will have an opportunity to reintegrate themselves into their defined communities as independent individuals, with the ability to operate without direction and minimal supervision. The expectation is that individuals will understand and accept their privilege as responsible leaders in their community. MOM believe in the power of advocacy, education, prevention, and driving public policy as agents of social change.


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