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Just Because My Path Is Different Doesn’t Mean I’m Lost
- Gerard Abrams

Men of Men, Inc welcomes community members, advocates, and students to dedicate their time; adding value to the life of a Youth. A Volunteers shared experience is an invaluable contribution, which is a fundamental bridge between MoM and the community building process.

Each volunteer involved at the group home shall be supervised by a staff member.

Before a volunteer may begin performing activities, the licensee shall do all of the following:

  1. Orient the volunteer to the activities that the volunteer may perform as specified in the group home’s personnel policies and procedures.

  2. Provide each volunteer with the confidentiality requirements specified under s. DCF 57.39.

  3. Before a volunteer who is used to meet staff-to-child ratios may provide care and supervision for an infant or toddler, the volunteer shall complete the infant and toddler care training specified under s. DCF 57.37(4). The training shall include instruction on SIDS risk reduction and be approved by the department.

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